Custom Inspector: Advanced GUI

Tag your code

Insert Attributes into your c# code to customize the unity-inspector to your needs.

Attributes are intuitive tags on your class members shown in the unity-inspector.

Attributes are written in brackets: [MyAttribute]

Attributes below to the class member directly below. If a member is shown in the unity editor, the attribute hooks itself inside.


The Custom Inspector asset comes with an interactive documentation to click through all attributes.

Custom Inspector comes with an *INTERACTIVE* documentation where you can click yourself through examples

“Custom Inspector is a must have for *every* developer in *every* unity project. It makes the Inspector much more organized and with the detailed Documentation it is very easy to understand.”

“10/10 Most useful asset that it own. Elevates every project!.”

Get Custom Inspector now!

Get it on the official AssetStore website and download it through unitys package manager

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