Custom Inspector

A new tool to upgrade your unity inspector.

30+ new Attributes and types to change Unity-Inspector’s behaviour


Every unity programmer wants their variables to look structured in the Inspector.

What if you want to display variables read-only? …if you should only use certain values?

Unity even lacks of a simple MaxAttribute to cap values. These are just examples.

You can now satisfy all your wishes with specially programmed editors.

Change visiblity of your fields, test or constrain your fields.

You can even see non-serialized things like propertys, methods and statics with no additional editorwindows – everything is directly in the default inspector.

In addition come over 50 parameters with which you can adjust the attributes to your needs.

Now YOU dictate to the inspector what he should be able to do!

Once you’ve started, you can’t do without the built-in attributes like [Header], [HideInInspector] or [Tooltip]:

I’m telling you that once used, you don’t want to be without the new ones either!

This is a purchase FOR EVERY single PROJECT you will create

some included attributes are: ForceFillAttribute, SelfFillAttribute, ButtonAttribute, HorizontalLineAttribute, ShowIfAttribute, AssetsOnlyAttribute, DisplayAutoPropertyAttribute, HorizontalGroupAttribute, MaskAttribute, MaxAttribute, PreviewAttribute and a lot more!

supports unity 2021 and later

Technical Details

All Attributes are complety conditional and excluded from build, so you have no cuts in performance or a bigger game size.

Documentation is provided as an EditorWindow in Unity and can be opened offline at any time

supports only unity 2021 and later